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Let’s face it. Working out on your own can be a daunting experience. What exercises should I do? How much weight? How many reps? What’s the correct form. You now have the opportunity to get custom workouts designed just for you. Specific exercises will be chosen for you based on your goals, ability, and orthopedic needs. These exercises will be demonstrated via a specific link to a video. It’s personal training without the high cost. …and, unlike most personal trainers, without a true education in exercise, your workouts will be designed by a highly educated expert in exercise.

Would you go to a doctor with a certification instead of medical degree? Your fitness is your health. Your health is your life. Why trust your life to anyone but the best.

You no longer have to search the web to try to piece together your workout. No need to guess at which exercises will get you to your goal. Never again will you have to question whether your working hard for little progress or working smart to achieve your ultimate.

Rande Bryzelak MS RD
President, Nutrifitness

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