Why Free Weights?

Resistance Exercise (weight lifting) can be done in a variety of ways including free weights (dumbbells, barbells, etc), body weight (pushups, pull ups, etc), resistance bands, and machines.

Machines are undoubtedly the easiest way to exercise. You just plug the pin in the selected weight and follow the picture. Unfortunately, machines are the least effective way to develop functional muscles.

Free weights are handheld weights that force your body to engage your abdominal, lower back, and spinal stability muscles (your core). Thus is important for improving your ability to stay physically active throughout your life. Take hiking for example. The climbing and maneuvering you’ll be doing aren’t conveniently placed on a nice stable machine. Your body has to engage several stability muscles and many different muscle groups to make that happen. Playing actively with your children or grandchildren also necessitates the need for stability and using muscles in variable ways that you just don’t get on machines. Additionally, your body typically has a stronger side and a weaker side. Using free weights ensures that the stronger side doesn’t dominate the exercise. This helps to prevent muscle imbalances that may eventually lead to ankle, knee, hip, and back problems on one side of the body.

Machines can play an important role in a complete fitness program but, definitely, shouldn’t be the primary modality for resistance training. Let Nutrifitness decide when to incorporate machines, demonstrate free weight exercises, track your progress, and give you exactly what you need to get the most out of your training. Our University Degreed Exercise Experts will take the guess work out of your fitness program. …and unlike the jock at the gym, we know what’s right for you instead of just having you do what they do for their fitness program. We understand that you’re a unique person with your own goals, your own needs, and your own motivation. We’ll give you the tools you need to be your best not define you by the “it worked for me” “one size fits all” mentality.