Workout Wisdom

Repeating Workouts Doesn’t Work

Research has found, unequivocally, that changing workouts frequently is vital to achieving the best results. Strength improvements, bone density stimulation, brain development, and increased desire to “stick with it” all come from changing the variety, order, and weights of resistance exercise workouts.

That’s where we come in. Let the professionals at Nutrifitness take the guess work out of that complicated process. We work with you to determine the best plan for your workouts. Your workout will be sent to you complete with an ordered set of exercises, exclusive links to a demo video for each exercise listed, specific weights, and a goal rep range. This is all based on your goals and our expert opinion of how to get you there. You simply fill in the reps you’ve completed and any comments you wish to share. Your next workout will be immediately designed based on your accomplishments. Workouts will get progressively more challenging to ensure your success.

No longer, is the gym jock – one size fits all workout your only option. You’re going to work hard in the gym. Why not workout smart!